Monthly Fees

Monthly Tuition Fee:

Payments are made from August through May of each academic year.
Payments are due from the 1st – 10th of each month.
Late payments will be assessed a $25.00 late fee.

$575 for 1st child Junior K-12

$525 2nd child Junior K-12

$475 for 3rd child Junior K-12

Annual Fees

Annual Matriculation Fee:

The non-refundable matriculation fee is a one-time fee per school year
that covers the cost of books, supplies,
and year end testing.
A $50 discounted fee is applied if paid before April 15 for the upcoming year.

Before April 15th

After April 15th

$150 Junior K
$300 grades K-2

$200 Junior K
$350 grades K-2

$350 grades 3-5

$400 grades 3-5

$400 grades 6-8

$450 grades 6-8

$450 grades 9-12

$500 grades 9-12

Other Fees

Enrollment fee:
School Uniforms:

$50.00 enrollment or re-enrollment non-refundable fee.
This may include field trips, special class functions, extended care, etc.
T-shirts may be ordered after application is complete